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What is Cloudlife?


Live Digital

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• Film, Video, Audio, Photos, Slides,
  Journals, Documents, Keepsakes
• No need to Organize or Label

• Schedule a Pick Up
• Mail via UPS
• Drop Off at Store

• 300 dpi Document Scans
• 600 dpi Photos Scans
• 3000 dpi Slide/Negative scans
• 1080p Film Transfer

• Combine Tapes & Films
• Color Correct Photos/Video
• Make Scanned Documents
  Readable with OCR

• We Return Your Originals
• Choose from DVD, Blu-ray,
  External Drive or Cloud Storage

• Your Memories & Files are Digital
• No More Fading or Lost Quality
• Easily Duplicated or Shared




Blu-ray Disc


Apple Prores

How It Works

1. Gather Your Stuff

Gather your film, video tapes, photos, slides, documents, journals, records and digital media. You don't need to label or organize anything!

2. Get it to Us

You have options! Drop off your media at either of our store locations. Select to have our in house courier pick up from your home or office. Ship it to us with UPS or Fedex. Choose what works best for you!

3. We Scan & Transfer

We transfer your memories into digital files. Documents are scanned at 300 dpi, Photos at 600 dpi and slides at 3000+ dpi. Our scanning process guarantees bright colors and sharp scans. We convert old film movies by scanning each and every frame of film individually and then put them all together again with editing software so they play back without any flicker. We use Video Image Stabilization hardware to ensure your video tapes are nice and clear.

4. We Review & Enhance

Our skilled editors review each item in your order and digitally edit and enhance each one. We can combine tapes and films together along with images and music. We color correct faded videos, images and film, and clean up background noise in audio recordings! We'll even cut out accidental recordings of the ground or sky in video tapes or film. You might expect to pay more for the standard editing we include, but we provide it as part of our transfer service for no additional charge!

5. We Verify & Deliver

Our verification techs review your order to ensure quality delivery. We place your completed digital files into your cloud account, onto your external hard drive, or to digital disc. We only use Grade "A" Professional media rated by the manufacturer to last 100 years when transferring to DVD, Bluray and CD. You can select to pick up your finished DVDs at one of our store locations, have them mailed back to you, or delivered via our courier service.

6. Live Digital

Living digital means having everything accessible when you need it. Now you can watch, use and share your digital memories and files. You don’t have to worry about image fading or quality loss over time. Living digital is even easier with Cloudlife where everything is in one place.