So, what is ?

You have STUFF everywhere...

Photos, video, documents and memorabilia pile up fast. For years you’ve had boxes full of STUFF that is important to you scattered throughout the house, in basements and attics, taking up space. You don’t want to throw any of it away, because it’s a part of your life, but you’re not sure what to do with it or where to start. It can be overwhelming!

Cloudlife makes it all Digital

Cloudlife is the monthly service that converts all of the important information and memories in your home or office to digital files so they can be stored in the cloud.   What is the Cloud?

Cloudlife allows you to create a flexible plan according to your budget and schedule. It organizes and brings your life’s collection of memories into the digital age. Once digital, there is a world of amazing opportunities for sharing them with others.

Cloudlife Comes to You

We know you’re busy. That’s why our Cloudlife courier picks up directly from your home or office in the Phoenix Metro area as part of the Cloudlife service! You will always have the option to drop off personally to one of our store locations, or mail us your content at any time.

Everything in One Place

Cloudlife stores all of your digitally transferred information in one place accessible with Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to store and access your files, and even stream your home movies to your television, computer or mobile device. It also syncs across all of your devices, so you can always find what you need in one place.

Private and Safe

Cloudlife with Google Drive is a great way to keep your files private and secure. Your files are guarded in secure data centers with safety backups to ensure nothing gets lost or goes missing. Even if your computer crashes, or your phone or tablet breaks, your files are safe.

All you need, Available Anywhere

Cloudlife lets you access your files when you need them and where you need them. Get instant access from your phone, computer, tablet or even TV! There is no limitation to what can be stored in your secure cloud space! Add as many videos, photos and digital files as you want to your account. Use the space you need.

Organize and Share

With everything in one place it's easy to be on top of things. Quickly find what you're looking for with easy to use search tools and custom folder organization. Move your files from one place to another with a simple drop and drag. Instantly share photos, documents, or videos with friends and family.

Ongoing Education - Now What?

Preserving your memories isn't the only reason to use Cloudlife. Cloudlife also teaches you through monthly emails, videos and articles what to do with your memories once they are made digital. We educate you on how to use that information to influence the lives of others around you. Cloudlife is the future of your life’s memories and we’ll teach you how to make the most of them!

Getting Started With Cloudlife - How It Works

Cloudlife uses credits called Cloudlife Points to redeem products and services. Your monthly subscription adds a pre-determined number of points to your account each month. You can choose a monthly or short term subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Cloudlife Points give you the flexibility to order what you need, when you need it. Use them to convert any combination of items, such as video tapes, photos/slides, or documents, each month into digital files for storage in your private cloud space.

Cloudlife Point Packs can also be purchased separately for larger one time projects that require more than your monthly allotment. The more you purchase, the more you save.

Cloudlife Pricing