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Movie Film To DVD and Digital

Film was a great way to record your memories and contains great detail that can still be viewed after many years with exceptional clarity. We've transferred film from as far back as 1926 with amazing results! Digitally preserve your memories on film today!

Accepted Formats

Starting at


First 100 ft
$.13 ft SD after
$.24 ft HD after

Movie Film Conversion


Silent 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm Film to SD*

Silent 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm Film to HD**

Sound Film

Add 1080p HD-AVI or Apple ProRes Digital File***
$0.13 per ft

$0.24 per ft

$0.30 per ft

$24.95 per hr

*Includes cleaning & lubrication, splice repair and 720p frame by frame scanning.
**Includes cleaning & lubrication, splice repair and 1080p frame by frame scanning.
***Digital file delivery requires customer submitted hard drive or hard drive purchase.

The Best Way to Transfer Film - How We Do It

1. Preparing Your Film

A quality transfer begins with clean and lubricated film. It is a requirement! That's why we've included it in our price. Every reel is completely unwound and carefully inspected by hand. This includes cleaning and lubricating, as well as repairing broken splices and damaged sprocket holes. We add new leader to the film when necessary. This procedure is the most important part of the transfer! Starting with clean film guarantees a clean transfer.

2. Scanning Frame by Frame

Film is simply a series of pictures played back quickly. As such, we digitize your film by scanning in each image cell, one at a time, frame by frame with HD technology! This creates thousands of unique digital pictures. It is a lengthy process, but guarantees a crystal clear, flicker free film transfer with greater color and razor sharp image quality. Our transfer machines also use a cool LED light instead of the super hot bulbs found in old film projectors. The LED provides even illumination for each frame during scanning. The process is completely non-destructive, and you'll receive your film back with your transfer.

3. Editing Your Film

Your digitized film is reviewed by a professional editor. Our staff removes segments of unexposed film, unintentional recordings (floor, sky etc.) and color corrects the resulting images. They also ensure that your film will play back at the correct speed. We can combine all film types together into single digital files or DVD's.

4. Archiving Your Film

You may choose to receive your transferred film on an external drive as full resolution digital files (SD-AVI, HD-AVI, Apple Pro Res), compressed files ((MP4), or on DVD or Blu-ray. If you plan on doing any additional editing, we recommend taking delivery of digital files on an external hard drive with full resolution files. Please note, DVD and Blu-ray discs as well as digital MP4 files are compressed formats for final viewing. They are not intended to be edited again!

See How We Compare

  • Available Formats

  • Resolution

  • Transfer Quality
  • Everything is Done
    Locally In House
  • Can Combine Film with Video & Photos

  • Basic Editing
  • Digital Files Available for Editing
  • Customer can Preview Before Transferring
  • 90 Day Backup of your Files
  • DVD

  • 480i

  • Real-Time

  • DVD

  • 480i

  • Real-Time

  • DVD

  • 480i

  • Real-Time